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Kapersky Internet Security 2010 1 user
Rp 265,000

1 User, Complete PC Protection

This new solution from Kaspersky Lab combines antivirus protection with a personal firewall and an anti-spam filter. Kaspersky Internet Security keeps your PC free from malicious code, adware, spyware, hacker attacks, dialers, spam and network fraud.


Kaspersky Internet Security stops your PC being slowed down by cybercriminals and delivers unsurpassed on-line safety whilst protecting your files, music and photos from hackers:
- Keeps your money and identity safe
- Protects against bank account fraud
- Safeguards against online shopping threats
- Allows questionable applications and websitesto be run in 'Safe Run Mode'
- Cybercriminals won’t hi-jack your PC
- Family protection from on-line predators
- Your files won’t be ruined by hackers Improved!
- Keeps your PC running smoothly
- Safer Wi-Fi connections
- Two way personal firewall

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